About Us

Our Team:

Steve Dent
Steve DentStunt Co-ordinator
Steve has been in the industry for over 40 years as a Stunt Performer, Stunt Coordinator, Horse Master and Director. With over 300 credits he has built up a great reputation and is well sought after world wide.
Sam Dent
Sam DentHorse Master
Sam is the eldest daughter of Steve Dent as has been riding horses since before she could walk, competing internationally from the age of 3 - 15 years old. Since starting in the industry she is constantly gaining experience and widening her knowledge in order to follow in her fathers footsteps as a Horsemaster and Stunt Performer.
Will Dent
Will DentStunts/Horses
Will Dent is the oldest son of Steve. Working along side the team he is busy gaining experience as a Stuntman and Horse Master.    
Matthew Sampson
Matthew SampsonDepartment Supervisor
Has worked in the film industry for over 14 years, having started with Steve back in 2003. Matt runs the Stunt department on a daily basis and is accountable for Budgets, Breakdowns, Contracts, Risk Assessments, Managing and Booking of the stunt performers.


What We Do and Why We Do It?

Steve Dent along with his wife and four children run an unmatched international business with over 30 year’s experience as stunt coordinators and horse masters for both film and TV industry. Steve has worked on over 350 projects such as Gladiator, Robin Hood, Sleepy Hollow, Spy Game, Captain America, Snow White; The Huntsman and War Horse, to name a few. Please use the links provided to see his full credits list.
We are currently located 15 minutes from Pinewood studios and 25 minutes from Shepperton studios.

Steve provides full stunt equipment and rigging packages from high falls to full fire work, actor flying and all wire work. Steve is a full member of the JISC UK stunt register, has full Public liability insurance  tailored for Film and TV work.
We cover the all the elements of cast and actor training, from horse riding and driving through to sword fighting and wire work.
From our training camp we can also accommodate 200+ people for boot camps, extras training etc. which is always valuable when prepping large battle and action scenes.
Steve has over 80 highly trained and disciplined horses in variety of breeds for actors, liberty work, riding and driving, for all sequences from street scenes to large scale battle scenes. Steve has one of the largest collection carriages in Europe, in excess of 200 carriages.