Cast from our range of over 80 specialist horses, trained by a family with over 60 years experience of TV & Film production. With horses, riders and stunt sequences to suit all requirements, we have an extensive range of breeds, shapes and sizes, from our stunning Spanish stallions, regal carriage horses, powerful work horses, and even reliable donkeys, mules and ponies.


Any of our carriages can be altered and changed in any shape, colour or form. We are able to build bespoke custom carriages to your specific requirements in our workshops. All of the carriages come with our highly trained and experienced horses to match whether it’s single, pairs, teams, six-in-hand. We also provide skilled drivers, footmen, grooms and actors.


Complete the look with our extensive collection of horse dressing and costume options of armour and saddles, including use of our in house equine make-up artist. We are able to offer expert advise on historical tack design and function in addition to supplying one of the largest collections of tack and equine costume in the UK.

About Us

With over 60 years experience, 350+ professional projects and based only 15 minutes from Pinewood studios and 25 minutes from Shepperton studios. Steve can provide horses, carriages, full stunt equipment and rigging packages from high falls to full fire work, actor flying and all wire work.

We have over 80 horses trained for TV & Film to suit all requirements, each with its own character and performance level. We have a fantastic range of breeds from stunning Spanish stallions, carriage horses, powerful work horses, down to reliable donkeys, mules and ponies.

Steve Dent and his daughter hold a full animal trainers licence. Our film horses are trained for both actors and to perform stunt work. We carry one of the largest collections of period to medieval tack, harness and horse armour in Europe. The collection comprises of over 500 sets.